Meals and Grubs Ideas for Your Camping Trip

The best part of camping is preparing your grub out in the wild and eating it. Everything seems to taste much better outdoors, probably because your appetite is fierce from the healthy activity you get when you’re camping. Considering that fact, there is no need to “go gourmet” on these trips. Simple grub is easiest to prepare and digest.

Most of the recipes I use when camping can incorporate canned or dry ingredients instead of fresh ones, depending on your circumstances and ability to properly store fresh food. Dry milk, canned meats and vegetables, instant potatoes, dehydrated onions, biscuit mix, butter buds and dry eggs can be effectively substituted to make delicious meals. I can prepare all my meals in a Dutch oven, over any heat source. I rarely measure because I take as little as possible on camp trips. Add or subtract ingredients as you see fit to make the meal palatable to you and to feed as many (or few) people as necessary.

Sausage N Egg Bake

Ingredients: 1 package of easy brown sausage links; 2 cans of sliced potatoes; 7 eggs; 1 cup of American or cheddar cheese; salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation: Oil the sides of the Dutch oven and put the sausages in the bottom. Drain the potatoes and layer them over the sausage, then add a dash of salt and pepper. Whip up the eggs with a bit of water or milk, pour over the potatoes and top with cheese. Cover, bake for about a half hour and serve when a knife inserted in the centre comes out clean.

Quick Camp Stew

Ingredients: 1 pound of ground beef; can of mixed vegetables; one small onion; can of stewed tomatoes; salt

Preparation: Fry up the ground beef in the Dutch oven, drain and put back into the oven. Add the mixed vegetables, sliced onion and salt to taste. Simmer for about 15 minutes and serve with crackers. For additional flavour, you can substitute a jar of ketchup instead of the stewed tomatoes.