Camping Tips For My Readers

Planning is what drive successful camping trips. The plan drives out the right things to bring, buy or borrow. It’s what makes the difference between worry-free fun and outdoor misery.

The plan is no. 1. While nothing goes 100% according to plan, you’ll be more prepared than not with one.

Now, one thing is the more you know what to expect, the better prepare you’ll be. With experience or knowledge, you’ll have a better sense of the camping gotchas which tend to trip up seemingly good plans.

If I can share some of the knowledge here quickly, here are the key areas to cover in your plan:

Your destination. Know where you’re going far ahead of time. Book ahead. Know about the surroundings where you’re staying… like things to do, things to expect. How to get there, and get there safely before the sun goes down (because it’s a bitch to put up a tent in the dark especially if it’s pitch dark and you only have a small flashlight). If you’re going in the summer, bugs will be an inevitable part of your trip. Bring stuff to deal with those (specific to your destination), or go granola and grin and bear it.

Take timing into consideration. By timing, I mean factoring in the season and weather. Nothing wrong with cancelling a trip if the weather’s going to cause misery. Dress for the occasion. Bring toiletries if you’re going to try to keep somewhat clean during your stay.

Consider food and water. Depending on your stay and site you’re staying at, food and water can be a simple matter or something that needs a lot more thought, fancier prep and good packing. Think smart and don’t get yourself or going with you sick.
Seems like simple stuff, but don’t kid yourself as others haven’t planned these things and paid the price from mild to severe misery. If you’re new to camping, do yourself a favour and learn before you go, and make your plans well ahead of time. Aside from that, just do it and have fun.