Lorraine’s love for camping started when he was eleven during an out-of-town school trip to Gran Teton’s National Park.

Her camping adventures started again in her early twenties. By her early thirties, he was making long-range tent camping trips to places like the Canadian Rockies.

He’s now a parent starting on a new phase of camping with her family.

At each phase, Lorraine picked up tremendous amounts of camping tips. Each stage also meant a need for new learning.

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Lightweight Tents

If you are camping when cycling, trekking, motorcycling, etc., you will want a small, lightweight 1 or 2 person tent. Any extra space inside the tent is a luxury that is likely to result in the tent being too large and heavy to be carried with you.This sort of tent is quick to pitch and is ideal for overnight stays.


When you are using a car or other mode of transport to go camping, you can afford to make your camping more comfortable by choosing a slightly larger tent which will give more space for you and your kit to spread out into; and more headroom so you can even stand upright inside. A bigger tent takes a bit longer to pitch, but for the ultimate in quick pitching why not try one of our new almost instant pitch pop up tents.


Once your family are camping, you need space. Large family tents give enough bedrooms for the whole family, enabling each person to have some privacy. Don’t forget you will also need space to store your clothes, personal belongings and any camping furniture. You need to have a reasonable amount of standing room inside the tent to be able to retreat from bad weather comfortably.

Many of these family tents use a pair of angled connectors between the sides and top of the dome poles, to modify the curve of the bent pole and provide the headroom over a larger area.

Winter Camping Tips

If you have never been winter climate camping outdoors, you are losing out on a fun adventure! With excellent preparation, and providing all appropriate equipment. You will create your first winter climate camping vacation outdoors experience, safely and comfortable for the complete party.

Begin preparing by asking yourself a few questions. Where would you like to go? How will you get there? What will you do once you get completed into camp? Snowshoeing, snowboarding and climbing are all great activities if you have loaded the right equipment. Once you know where you are going, check out the elements and landscape. Get acquainted with the place before you stay outdoors. It’s not challenging to get losing in a place covered with snowfall. Remember that this will be very different from summer camping outdoors. You can trust everything is getting twice as long to do, from establishing up stay to going to the toilet.


The two greatest problems in winter season camping outdoors are hypothermia and frostbite. You need to group materials that will secure you against warm reduction. Take several changes of heated, comfortable, split outfits. Although mittens are challenging to work in, they keep your hands hotter than mitts. Only dress in mitts when you need your hands and fingers to be free to move around. Your footwear should be covered, as well as and at least mid-shin size.

Dress Warm

Wool apparel is excellent in the winter… unless they get wet! Normally, sweating is powerful away from your epidermis, but excess wetness when you are spending so much time around the stay makes down coat hefty and unpleasant. Wear down coat footwear but carry several additional couple and change them often. A pair of lean polypropylene footwear beneath your woollies contributes an additional part of the protection that attracts sweating away from your epidermis, maintaining you dry and heated longer. Fleece is an excellent clothing for outfits or additional bedding. It is brighter than down coat but insulates your shape against the freezing. It also addresses wetness better than down coat. Polypropylene is another example of clothing that will pull away wetness and keep you heated. Down, Thinsulate, Microloft or Polarguard are more excellent alternatives. Considering that up to 70% of losing warm shape destinations through the head, the significance of a top toque cannot be distressed enough. A balaclava or facemask is necessary for extremely freezing or blustery conditions. Use it while you are sleeping! You will awaken heated and warm. Your outer part of outfits must be both breeze flow turbine and as well as. Look for Goretex or a 65/35 mix of natural cotton and plastic in your winter climate coat and jeans. Your coat should have breeze flow turbine flap over the zips, adaptable cuffs and several purses for your materials.


Choose a housing that is capable of maintaining out the freezing as much as possible. Though it appears to be fun, you should only attempt to develop a snowfall give or igloo with an experienced winter climate person managing. Otherwise, a large dome covering is your best choice. The tent’s shape helps to reduce snowfall develop up on the top. You will need plenty of space within for all of your camping outdoors products. A rainfly will contribute to reducing moisture build-up or condensation in the covering that could create your materials soaked and freezing. Before establishing up your covering and living rooms, beat around on snowshoes to trample down the places your camping tents will sit on. Once your covering is up, have a friend sit within and force the surfaces out while you group snowfall against the feet outside to offer higher insulating material levels. Every evening before coming into your covering, clean all of the snowfall off properly to prevent getting the within of your covering wet.

Warm At Night

A good getting to sleep bag will keep you comfortable forever time. Most sleeping-bags have a heat range report. Select one that is ranked for a lower temperature range than what you will be getting to sleep in. For example, if you expect to be going to sleep in -150°F climate, find out ranked to -300°F. Mummy style luggage with hoods is best. A getting to sleep bag that is too reduce or large will let in the freezing so create sure it satisfies you well. Wear heated apparel even in the getting to sleep bag. Your temperature range will decrease as you are getting to sleep. A complete orthopaedic or water pad placed beneath the your getting to sleep bag will secure you from the snowfall.

Fuel For The Body

When you become freezing, your shape uses a lot of calorie consumption to try to warm you back up again. Eat healthy, satisfying meals to keep your vitality up so your shape can combat the freezing. As general criteria, your winter climate camping outdoors diet should contain 50% simple sweets and complicated carbohydrates; 20% healthy proteins and 30% fat. Avoid getting fresh meals with you, such as egg, fruit or fruit and vegetables. They lock up easily and are hefty to carry. Dry meals, prepared items and freeze-dried substances are all excellent alternatives. Beef, butter and mozzarella dairy product will offer much-needed fat content to your meals. You need to carry enough water with you to last the complete vacation. It can be dissolved over your fire or range for enjoying. Never, ever eat snowfall. The amount of power it takes for your shape to liquefy the snow can easily lead to hypothermia.

Do Your Research

Research hypothermia and frostbite before you stay outdoors so you will identify the symptoms. Any person with white or greyish areas on their epidermis, pink mouth, lack of skin feeling, frustration, physical weakness, or tremors should be heated up instantly. Line down and examine into a getting to sleep bag with them, embracing to transport shape warm easily. If you suppose you or another person is suffering from hypothermia, try to heat them; then go for help right away. Winter camping outdoors is enjoyable and rewarding! Plan appropriately and have fun.

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